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Live Cams Mansion

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Voyeur Mansion by Flirt Babes @LiveCamsMansion 24/7 live hidden spy cams!
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Wet Summer Mornings Party by Flirt Babes

Jun 18th @ 8:18am EDT

Hello everyone!

The summer is finally here and we are desiring wet summer mornings. We are sure you are, too. Whatever helps us deal with all this heat...

In our case, we will turn the temperature up and make it go through the roof. And... we don't plan on using a lot of water to get wet, we have something else planned for this party.

Among other things, we have a new addition to our Mansion and we are more than excited to introduce Unique Mia and to let you decide how wet you want to make her.

As always, we promise good music, many drinks, fun games and we have a special surprise for you this time! However, we don't kiss and tell. You will have to discover this one on your own.

Save the date and meet us on 24th June at 9 AM EST in Live Cams Mansion and spend the most amazing morning with your Flirt Babes. It's not hard at all to make it there on time, but we do hope something else will be hard at this party ;)

Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the show!


Introducing Flirt Sinners

Apr 11th @ 7:07am EDT

Hello everyone,

Live Cams Mansion is proud to present a new crew! Flirt Sinners have arrived and they are everything you could ever wish for!

Step into the world where fetish meets voyeur and explore every hidden part of it. Nourish your fantasies and be a part of something exhilarating, that will make you feel all the hidden sensations you forgot how to feel.

Curious? Go on... Keep reading!

We invite you to open the doors of the most exclusive fetish project ever!

Once inside, you can find Mistresses, slaves, switches and much more. It's not all about the domination and submission, it's about the feelings and your desires that will finally come to life.

See you there!


The Live Cams Mansion Team

Saint Patrick's Day Shows by Flirt Babes

Mar 13th @ 9:51am EDT

Hello everyone!

Saint Patrick is almost here and it's a fun holiday we, in Live Cams Mansion, know how to celebrate it!

This time, we have our three babes collecting shamrocks and their shows look like this:

Thursday, 14th March :

Nikki Crystal- 6 PM EST
Jaqueline Merlot- 9 PM EST
Simone Isabel- 11 PM EST

Friday, 15th March:
Jaqueline Merlot- 9 PM EST
Simone Isabel- 11 PM EST

Saturday, 16th March:
Nikki Crystal- 1 AM EST
Jaqueline Merlot- 9 PM EST
Simone Isabel- 11 PM EST

Sunday, 17th March:
Simone Isabel- 7 AM EST
Nikki Crystal- 8 PM EST

We hope you'll enjoy yourself and you'll discover what's on the other side of the rainbow. Don't forget to bring your shamrocks with you!

We'll be expecting you!

HouseWarming Party by Flirt Babes

Mar 6th @ 5:36am EST

Hello everyone!

We know we've been absent for a while, but we promise, it is worth it!

Spring is here and most people do their annual cleaning. Flirt Babes, on the other hand, changed the Mansion! Like, literally. We're not talking about redecorating. We moved and we are loving it. So, there was a perfectly good excuse to throw a party!

Come join us this Thursday, 7th March at 4 PM EST and see the new home of the Flirt Babes. We know you will like what we have prepared for you. Stay tuned, it will be an interesting spring surprise.

We'll be waiting for you...

FOTY winners- 3 Live Cams Mansion @Flirt_Babes in top 10 !

Jan 4th @ 10:14am EST

Hello everyone!

After three months of hard work and a lot of fun and stress, the Flirt Of The Year has ended and Live Cams Mansion has three babes in top ten!

Sixth place took the Amazing Simone Isabel. It's her first time in the contest and she did great. We are so proud of her growth!

Third place was occupied by Lorenna Love and we couldn't be happier for her. This Nasty Babe has truly done her best. Keep up with the good work! We hope for many more titles for you in years to come!

The first place came out to be our one and only Nikki Crystal. We put all of our hopes in this Spoiled Babe and she did not fail to disappoint. The Flirt Of The Year title is hers and we don't have the words to describe our joy! She worked very hard and it paid off. The last year ended pretty good and this one started pretty good for her, don't you think? Being the best! Congratulations!

Live Cams Mansion would like to thank everyone who supported us and our girls, not only in these three months, but also during the entire year! We are so happy to have friends such as you and we hope to many more years of fun times! Remember, the doors are open, don't forget to stop by ;)

Happy New Year everyone! May all your desires come true with us! If they haven't already!;)


Christmas Party by Flirt Babes

Dec 19th @ 8:11am EST

It's the most wonderful time of the year and the Flirt Babes are living the moment... Like usual ;)

That is why there will be a splendid Christmas Party at Live Cams Mansion to celebrate this joyful holiday. There will be dancing and Christmas carols and decorations and games and everything you can possibly desire on that day. The best of all? You are invited!

Make sure you prepare your first row seat and come to enjoy the spirit of Christmas only Flirt Babes can make you feel.

Save the date. It's happening on Saturday, 22nd December at 3 PM EST.

So... Have you been naughty or nice? Guess we are going to find out soon ;)

Get your favorite dessert ready and enjoy the show! We know we will!


New Babes in Live Cams Mansion

Nov 23rd @ 7:44am EST

Hello everyone!

The autumn is here, the leafs are falling down, everything is falling asleep except us, in Live Cams Mansion. We are only getting bigger and more active ;) That being said, we are happy to announce that we have 3 delicious additions to our team ! Three new Babes have joined the Mansion and we can't wait you to meet them!

If you're a lover of wild and naughty things than stop by Angella Rain's room. She has the moves and many talents hidden... Or not so hidden once you spend a bit of time with her. Whatever you're looking for, she can fulfill. Make her super excited and you might just get a squirt...or five!

On the other hand, if you are looking for someone fit and thin who knows how to use your time for a good purpose, Leya Davis is a babe to visit. It is worth getting to know her cause her blond hair is just the beginning of what her qualities look like ;)

Last but not least, we have Lena Heart. This sweet Babe is the one who can spice up your days and sweeten every minute spent with her. If you need a good listener or a sweet companion, that's her. Come and say hi!

Of course, you should not forget about the other Babes cause after all, we are sure you have your favorites among them ;)

Happy sightseeing through Live Cams Mansion! Don't miss any room cause we're a full house right now!

Halloween Zombieland Party by Flirt Babes

Oct 29th @ 12:47pm EDT

Once upon a time, death and life made love. They gave life to a sexy zombie.
Like every other being, it needed love so it started looking for it. To show that love, the sexy zombie gave its special neck kisses that transformed anyone it has ever kissed to its equal.

Suddenly, there were too many and the humans were scared of them. After all, they fed on human brains. The mortals run after them with fire until they ended up in a place far, far away and deep down.

They were not to rise except on one night, Halloween.

It is said the 6 most sexiest of them are hiding right under the Live Cams Mansion's walls and we hear some roars. Does that mean they are preparing to rise? We are curious to find out.

Join us on 31st October at 4 PM EST and experience the entirely new dimension. But beware... You might get bitten ;)

We hope you are ready!

Happy Halloween!

FOTY has begun!

Oct 2nd @ 9:58am EDT

Hello everyone,

As you all probably know, the Flirt Of The Year contest has begun and we, in Live Cams Mansion, have three beautiful babes in the run.

We have Nikki Crystal, Lorenna Love and Simone Isabel racing for the title and we are confident they can reach the top. With your help, of course.

Go to the room of your favorite Flirt Babe and click on the blue icon to vote. This fall, we are counting votes and we need as many as we could get. You can also vote for them while they're offline, we appreciate every vote cause every vote counts!

What's more, we'll have weekly show on Saturdays to give you guys grand prizes and surprises! First one will take place this Saturday, 6th October at 2PM and you should not miss it! We'll announce everything there and answer to any question you may have so ask us anything!

Also, don't forget to check our #fotyflirtbabeschallenge on social media and to participate!

The time is now and we are collecting votes! Are you ready to be a part of the winning team? We know we are. So what are you waiting for? Vote!

Topless Soccer World Cup Final with Flirt Babes

Jul 13th @ 9:30am EDT

Hello everyone!

The Flirt Babes are giving you a once in a four year chance and they want you to use it wisely.

The World Cup Finale is almost here and we, in Live Cams Mansion, have a perfect proposal for you. Our Flirt Babes will be watching the game and you can join them. There will be a mini party after and they will show you a different kind of game. Something you would much rather see, for sure ;)

Join your Flirt Babes on Sunday, 11 AM EST and have some fun while cheering for your team! What a better way to spend that day!


Happy Birthday America!

Jul 4th @ 3:02am EDT

We, in Live Cams Mansion, adore the United States and we thought we should honor it's birthday in the best way we know how- by partying all day.
The doors of Live Cams Mansion will open at midnight on 4th of July and will remain wide open for 24 hours, so anyone can join the party! You’ll have a free access to our Fun House and the chance to see everything that is going on there. Celebrate this special day with us!
We’ll have both scheduled and featured shows during the day and many, many activities all the time. You can follow us both on the Flirt Babes account and the Live Cams Mansion page. Your choice. Assist us with cooking, drinking and dancing as well as cocktails by the pool, prizes and many other games. It will be a day you will enjoy.
Don’t forget that during that time, our babes will be collecting fireworks and you can help them until the contest ends.
We will be waiting for you on 4th July for this big celebration and you’ll have the front row seat. So, don’t think too much and save the date. We love to entertain you!

Celebrate 4th July with the Flirt Babes in Live Cams Mansion

Jul 3rd @ 5:14am EDT

Hello everyone!

When the clock ticks midnight on 4th of July the doors of Live Cams Mansion will open for everyone. Literally...Everyone! So, read carefully what we have for you that day and join us for it!

The party will start at midnight on 4th of July and the Flirt Babes will be there to entertain you. What do we have for you? Well, since a sunny day is announced, we will party both inside and outside. We’ll swim, stay in the sun, sip cocktails by the pool and dance a lot. Stay with us for the cooking part and the games. Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky for 4th of July, too and get some prizes.

In the afternoon, join the Flirt Babes for their official celebration party and wish America a happy, happy birthday! Fun is where the Flirt Babes are and you better show up!
Save the date and join the Flirt Babes in the Live Cams Mansion on 4th of July anytime of the day! May this be our gift to you!

4th of July is coming!

Jun 27th @ 6:42am EDT

Hello everyone! Get ready for 4th July. Live Cams Mansion has something special for you!

First of all, the 4th July contest starts on the 1st July and so does the fireworks collecting. Make sure your favorite Babe gets as many as possible. She'll be happy, position herself well and you might get something out of it, too. Just wait and see ;)

Special attention goes to Nikki Crystal with her individual shows from 1st July to 4th July in this order:
Sunday, 1st July at 6 AM EST
Monday 2nd July at 12 AM EST and 5 PM EST
Tuesday 3rd July at 10 PM EST

Moreover, at midnight on 4th July, the Live Cams Mansion's doors will be wide open and everyone is welcome. Spend a fabulous day with the Flirt Babes by doing fun activities, drinking, dancing, playing games, cooking and anything you could wish for.

In the afternoon, at 2 PM EST, prepare yourself for the official Flirt Babes party and wish America a happy birthday by celebrating with us! You already know we're the best at it!

You can continue partying with us even after the party is over. The doors of Live Cams Mansion will be open for 24-hours straight and you'll have free access to it until the day ends.

Come and spend this day the way you and we deserve!

Cinco De Mayo individual shows program

May 1st @ 5:49am EDT

Hello everyone!

As promised, we are bringing you the program of the individual shows for our Cinco de Mayo Celebration. We have prepared games and prizes for you and it's the perfect way to start and spice up the month of May. May the shot collecting begin!

The program is the following:

Wednesday, 2 May:
9 AM EST- Jaqueline Merlot
11 AM EST- Lorenna Love
1 PM EST- Simone Isabel

Thursday, 3 May:
2 PM EST- Jaqueline Merlot
6 PM EST- Lorenna Love
8 PM EST- Simone Isabel
10 PM EST- Nikki Crystal

Friday, 4 May:
12 PM EST- Jaqueline Merlot
2 PM EST- Simone Isabel
7 PM EST- Nikki Crystal
9 PM EST- Lorenna Love

Saturday, 5 May:
5 AM EST- Jaqueline Merlot
1 PM EST- Lorenna Love
3 PM EST- Simone Isabel
8 PM EST- Nikki Crystal

We hope you will stay with us during this contest and help our Babes position themselves high up in the winners list. If you're up for the challenge, we are waiting for you with open arms. The mini babes are also ready to party. So, bring your tequila shots and let's get this party started! We can't wait to show you what we have for you!


Saint Patrick's Day Party by Flirt Babes

Mar 10th @ 7:32am EST

Hello everybody!

It's that time of the month again!

We have a pleasure to invite you to our big Saint Patrick's Day Party in Live Cams Mansion powered by Flirt Babes! Exciting, right? Well, we want to get bad luck out of here and fill the room and your hearts with the luckiest event of the season. Sit back in your chair, sofa or bed, relax and watch us from the front row. Flirt Babes will be your lucky charms and we promise, nothing bad can happen while you're with us!

When? Catch us this Tuesday, 13 March at 4 PM EST. This colorful event is the perfect way to start this season.

Don't forget, the party will be followed by a series of individual shows and our girls will need to collect those fantastic, colorful shamrocks. Will you help them? We both know you can expect much more in return. Especially when we have mini back-up to land a hand ;) Besides, we all know that mini Flirt Babes have their own fabulous way of thanking you once they pop on your screen!


March in Live Cams Mansion

Mar 1st @ 7:47am EST

Hello everybody!

March brings spring time with itself and we, at Live Cams Mansion, can't wait to wake up everything that has fallen asleep inside of you during the winter...And enhance the feelings that are already awaken ;)

For your entertainment, we have prepared many shows this month and we hope you will enjoy our full program!

First event of the season will be Saint Patrick’s Day and our babes are collecting shamrocks. We will start it off with a Party to get you all warmed up on Tuesday, 13th March at 4 PM EST and we will keep on partying until 9 PM EST!

After the party, we will continue with a diverse program:

Wednesday, 14th March:
2-4 AM EST- Nikki Crystal
1-3 PM EST- Jaqueline Merlot
3-5 PM EST- Simone Isabel
6-8 PM EST- Lorenna Love

Thursday, 15th March:
1-3 PM EST- Jaqueline Merlot
3-5 PM EST- Simone Isabel
7-9 PM EST- Lorenna Love
11 PM- 1 AM EST- Nikki Crystal

Friday, 16th March:
3-5 AM EST- Jaqueline Merlot
1-3 PM EST- Simone Isabel
3-5 PM EST- Nikki Crystal
8-10 PM EST- Lorenna Love

Saturday. 17th March:
3-5 AM EST- Jaqueline Merlot
1-3 PM EST- Simone Isabel
9-11 PM EST- Lorenna Love
11 PM- 1 AM EST- Nikki Crystal

Come, enjoy the shows and help our girls collect some shamrocks! May the best one win!

After that, we will relax a bit and get back on track with our Easter Party on Wednesday, 28th March at 4 PM EST!

Easter shows start on 29th of March and this is what we have in plan:

Thursday. 29th March:
1-3 AM EST- NikkI Crystal
12-2 PM EST- Jaqueline Merlot
2-4 PM EST- Lorenna Love
4-6 PM EST- Simone Isabel

Friday, 30th March:
12-2 PM EST- Jaqueline Merlot
2-4 PM EST- Simone Isabel
6-8 PM EST- Lorenna Love
10 PM-12 AM EST- Nikki Crystal

Saturday, 31st March:
2-4 AM EST- Jaqueline Merlot
12-2 PM EST- Simone Isabel
2-4 PM EST- Nikki Crystal
7-9 PM EST- Lorenna Love

Sunday, 1st April:
2-4 AM EST- Jaqueline Merlot
1-3 PM EST- Lorenna Love
3-5 PM EST- Simone Isabel
10 PM-12 AM EST- Nikki Crystal

Come, celebrate Easter with us and let’s collect some eggs! Whoever collects the most wins and we do hope our girls will achieve that. Get them the best gift they can wish for!

For any additional questions, issues or comments, don't hesitate to contact us.

We are here for you!

We truly hope you will enjoy the program and get the best of all the holidays and events!

New Babe Alert in Live Cams Mansion

Feb 23rd @ 7:45am EST

Hello everyone!

We have a new babe in the house, a perfect addition to our crew! Please welcome our very own Jaqueline Merlot!

Now, don't be shy, say hi, help a girl out. It's her first time on the site and we just know she can't wait to meet you all! You are aware that we wouldn't guarantee for this beauty if we didn't think she was worth your attention!

There is a reason she is named after wine. She can make you dizzy in seconds... And, let's not start with her skills...

Don't believe us? Make sure for yourself!

Visit her on or spy on her on one (or more) of our many cams in the Mansion! She's the aroma we've been looking for!


Valentine's Day Party by Flirt Babes

Feb 10th @ 7:06am EST

Hello everyone!

We are proud to invite you to our big Valentine's Day Party starring Flirt Babes!

It is, after all, the month of love and we, in Live Cams Mansion, always have the proper way of celebrating it. We offer you the chance to show us your love up and front, the same way we have been showing you ours for a long, long time.

As you're used to, we have prepared good alcohol, fun games, loud music and a lot of prizes for you to win! Come to have fun with us and we will love you over and over again.

Join us on Valentine's Day, 14 February at 4 PM EST and let us turn your world upside down. It's the best gift you will ever get!

We love to entertain you!


February Program in Live Cams Mansion

Feb 7th @ 7:38am EST

Hello everybody!

February is the month of love and, like always, we from Live Cams Mansion know exactly how to celebrate it!

We have prepared many individual shows this month in order to honor the love we all have been feeling. Don't forget about our big party either ;)

So, to keep things simple, this is how our February program looks like:

It all starts on:

Friday, 9 February. First we have:
Simone Isabel- 12 PM-2 PM EST
Kiarra Fox- 2PM-4 PM EST
Lorenna Love- 8 PM-10 PM EST
Nikki Crystal- 10PM- 12 AM EST

Saturday, 10 February comes with:
Kiarra Fox- 10 AM-12 PM EST
Lorenna Love- 12 PM-2 PM EST
Simone Isabel- 2 PM- 4 PM EST
Nikki Crystal- 8 PM- 10 PM EST

On Sunday, 11 February:
Kiarra Fox- 10 AM-12 PM EST
Nikki Crystal- 12 PM-2 PM EST
Simone Isabel- 2 PM-4 PM EST
Lorenna Love- 7 PM-9 PM EST

Monday, 12 February is good to start with:
Kiarra Fox- 1 PM-3 PM EST
Simone Isabel- 3 PM-5 PM EST
Lorenna Love- 7 PM-9 PM EST
Nikki Crystal- 9 PM-11 PM EST

Tuesday, 13 February brings us:
Kiarra Fox- 10 AM-12 PM EST
Nikki Crystal- 12 PM-2 PM EST
Simone Isabel- 2 PM-4 PM EST
Lorenna Love- 9 PM-11 PM EST

Of course, on February 14, we will have a big Valentine’s Day Party. There will be fun, music, drinks, games and lots of L O V E. Don’t miss it!

Let's collect some hearts, have fun and show each other our love!

We love to entertain you!


New Camera!

Feb 2nd @ 7:13am EST

Hello everyone!

We just wanted to let you know that we have a new camera in the Mansion- Laundry Room aka the most used bathroom :D

Our Babes have been running there when in break downstairs so we thought we should not keep any secrets from you. It's all transparent now ;)

Don't mind the messiness of it but enjoy another perspective and another hidden part of Live Cams Mansion.

Also, don't forget to check our forum for constant updates and news. You can discuss anything you wish to or address any issues or questions you may have.

We are here for you!

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